Mindfulness et Yoga practice and movement with Maïté February

$12.00 USD


Let's take a pause to unwind, reset the mind and move the body mindfully. Join us for an interactive session combining Mindfulness and Movement with Maïté, founder of The Institute for Integrative Mindfulness and Movement. (https://integrativemindfulnessmovement.com/)

In this one hour session, we'll take a pause through the practice of Mindfulness , our mind, move our body and share a gratitude practice

Come as you are. No previous experience required.

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Terms & Policies Agreement for Online Live-Streaming 

By joining this event, you agree to the following: I understand that I have enrolled in a program that may offer some strenuous physical activity. I hereby absolve IIMM, LLC and Alliance Française de Philadelphie from any responsibility for injuries I might sustain while practicing any actions learned with or by IIMM, LLC and Alliance Française de Philadelphie. I hereby release for myself, my heirs and assigns, IIMM, LLC and Alliance Française de Philadelphie from any claims, demands and causes of actions arising from my participation in any activity, exercise, or practice offered during this event. Agreement to this Liability Information will act as your continued agreement to all ensuing sessions, workshops and/or seminars whether in person, or via any video conferencing tool with IIMM, LLC. 

I understand that I have enrolled in a program which might be recorded. Recording is an essential means of assessing Facilitation, fidelity of the program model, coverage core concepts, etc. Only the voices of the participants choosing to speak will be heard, and when video recording is used, only the facilitator is in the frame. I give consent to allow audio and/or video recording. I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I have the right to withdraw from the recording during the session.