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Newsroom: August 20, 2021

$10.00 USD

Only 1 left!



Join the Newsroom and practise your conversation en français for an hour !

In a friendly atmosphere, we will discuss current events happening around the French and Francophone world. A teacher will be here to help you with your vocabulary and conversational skills.

Register on our website and we will send you a link 12-24 hour before the event to join the meeting with the teacher and the other participants.

Members and Non-members : $10
Limited to 8 students per session 


Tuesday 06/07 | 11 AM with Abigail D.S
Friday 23/07 | 2 PM with Isabelle T. 
Friday 06/08 | 12 PM with Anna Michel

Friday 20/08 | 2 PM with Isabelle T