Alliance Française de Philadelphie engages the greater Philadelphia community in the study and exploration of French language and Francophone cultures, in all their rich diversity, through welcoming educational and cultural experiences. 


Our vision is to serve as the heart of Philadelphia’s thriving community of Francophone culture and language enthusiasts. We achieve this by cultivating a sustainable network through collaborative engagement, strengthening personal and organizational connections, promoting equity, and nurturing cross-cultural appreciation. 


Excellence in Teaching 
Our language instructors have experience and native or near-native fluency, as well as the opportunity for continued professional development.

Curiosity and Exploration 
We nurture a lifelong love of learning for people of all ages, backgrounds, language levels, financial resources and interests through a variety of offerings and a supportive environment.

Cross-Cultural Appreciation 
Through classes, cultural programs, trips, scholarships and partnerships, we promote understanding of the diverse richness of Francophone cultures and heritage, including history, politics, gastronomy, the arts, literature, and sports, as they continue to evolve.

We build relationships, we connect people and we seek to be a welcoming, inclusive community.

A Bit of History


The Alliance Française was created in Paris in 1883 by a group of eminent men, including the scientist Louis Pasteur, the writer Jules Verne, the diplomat Ferdinand de Lesseps and the publisher Armand Colin. Headquartered in Paris, the Alliance had 850 centers in 137 countries on every inhabited continent in 2014.

The Philadelphia chapter was founded in 1903 by a group of Francophiles who wanted to promote French language and culture in the city of Philadelphia. At the time, French was considered the language of diplomacy, and the Alliance aimed to foster cultural understanding and exchange between France and the United States. In the early years, the Alliance Française de Philadelphie held cultural events, lectures, and language classes. It also supported French-speaking immigrants and helped them to integrate into American society. During World War I, the Alliance Française de Philadelphie provided assistance to French soldiers and their families, and during World War II and helped French refugees who fled Nazi-occupied France. Over the years, the Alliance Française de Philadelphie continued to expand its programs and activities, including French language classes for adults and children, cultural events, film screenings, and art exhibitions. Today, it remains an important cultural institution in Philadelphia, promoting French language and culture through a range of educational and cultural programs.

The Alliance Française de Philadelphie is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people learn French and deepen their knowledge of Francophone cultures.  We do that by offering a wide variety of classes for all levels, many cultural events and a welcoming community. In the time since we temporarily closed our physical doors in March, we have continued to enthusiastically and successfully fulfill our mission by innovating and adapting our offerings and transitioning to an online virtual platform. With more than 100 branches in the US and over 850 all around the world, the Alliance Française offers French classes for all levels from beginner to advanced speakers. It is also the opportunity to foster anyone interested their knowledge of French language thanks to cultural events like dinners, movies, lectures and so much more social cultural activities.