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Friday October 23, 2020 05:00 pm - 06:15 pm
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Ciné & Canapé: Welcome

Let's talk about francophone movies and the topics they raise.

(For intermediate to advanced levels)

How does it work ? Comment ça marche? 

  • Each week, we have chosen a film for you to view at home; our selections are available via various streaming services.
  • Every participant watches the film before the discussion at a time that fits their own schedule.
  • On Fridays at 5PM, participants join a meeting on Zoom and discuss about the film.
  • Movies selected for ciné canapé usually target adult audiences because of the sensitive topics they may raise. 

It's a donation-based event (suggested donation: $10).

Donations can be made here

Program of September / October

October 23: Welcome

Watch for free on Tubi

Welcome (Drame)

Kurdish teen Bilal (Firat Ayverdi) has traveled all the way to the north of France in the hope of reuniting with his girlfriend in England. To get around a legal technicality, he decides to swim across the English Channel -- even though he's unable to swim. Simon Calmat (Vincent Lindon), the local swimming instructor who is struggling with his own impending divorce, agrees to train Bilal for his grueling journey. The two soon form a strong bond that helps them in unexpected ways.

Image: /media/marketing_events/37/welcome.png Youtube: https://tubitv.com/movies/183249/welcome?utm_source=google-feed&tracking=google-feed Cinema Image: /media/marketing_events/37/welcome-2.jpg

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