2022 Donors

We would like to acknowledge and thank our generous donors who participated in our fundraising campaigns and supported our programs during 2022. Thanks to all of you, we were able to support the continuation of our community and cultural programs online, as well as language classes. 

Up to $99 Place de la Bastille

Kerry Bryan
Charlotte Calmels
Suzanne Conway
Martha Cooper
Christiane de Boisseson
Sharon Erwin
Nancy Gabel
in memory of Sandy Robin
Kate Hayes
Mur Hayman
Carla Hjelm
Debra Meltzer
Gerry Fisher

Judy Novey
John Neefe
Stephen Page
Wendy Pfeffer
Sandra Portnoy
Frances Rafferty
Ken Richman
 Sonia Robin
Lann Salyard
Nancy Smith

$100 to $249 Promenade des Anglais 

Lawrence Bass 
Barbara Borak
Elise Bruhl
Dina Brena
Patrick Chadd 
Robert Boggs & Merck Foundation 
Martine Chauvet 
Melody Damis
Allitia DiBernardo 
Meridee Duddleston
Issy Esangbedo
Joan Gmitter
Mary Hemsley
Chris Hemsley
Miriam Kahn
Karen Kane
Vivian Kremer
in memory of Odile d'Ornano Van Luipen
Rachel Lewis


Kathleen and David Long
Amanda Matthieu & Comcast
Gregg Matis
Debra Meltzer  
Liz Mednick
Maida Milone
Joan and Jerry Millan
in Honor of Joan Kuper
Gerard Mitchell
Edward Moon
Marie O'Neill
Michael Scullin
Sharon Parnes
Philippe Poirier
Agnès Shepard
Julian and Betty Slowinski   
Victoria Skelly
Paul Weisberg
Chantal Westby
Jeanne Wrobleski
Gerald Zubkoff

$250 to $499 Dune du Pyla 


Michael Bannerman
Baron Brockington
Sheri Ann Cowie 
Cynthia Decrucq
Michelle Erickson
Lawrence Fiorini 
Catherine Kosman 

Nancy Gabel & George Broder
Stephanie Knopp
Monique et Craig Laird
Gerard Lewis
Cecil Jones 
Zabeth Teelucksingh

$500 to $999 Palais des Papes 

Amanda Barber 
Jennifer Cardy 
Cynthia Decrucq 
Janet Evans and Jim Corrigan 

Terry Dolan
John Erickson
Daniele and Jerry Grossman 

$1,000 to $5,000 Mont Saint-Michel 

Lynn Miller and Jim McClelland 
Beth Diffley


Linda Lou Lopez
Kirk Kozero
Sheree Petrone

$40,000 + Château de Versailles