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Every week, the Alliance Française offers some events and workshops that allow to learn and practice French in a different way.  Conversation, cinema, grammar, yoga or even philosophy, there is something for everyone, every level, every taste (and every budget!)

Apéro Français - Online

Once a month - Wednesdays- 5:30PM 

It is not because we cannot meet at the Sofitel that we should not have a happy hour and speak French together. 

Join us via Zoom on Wednesday at 5:30PM with something to drink and your happy mood. We will speak French with you and play some games to have a great time!

Don’t hesitate ! Even if you are learning French for not a very long time, please connect you, it’s a great way to practice your French.

Newsroom - Online

Every week - Days and time vary $10

Every week, join the Newsroom and talk about topical subjects. In a friendly atmosphere, we will discuss recent events happening around the world.

The participants will try to understand those events while reviewing the vocabulary of the news and politics in French.

Example of former topical subjects : le salaire universel, l’enseignement à la maison, la féminisation des métiers, l'automédication, l'humour, peut-on rire de tout ?, l'interdiction de la fessée, la peine de mort, la retraite. 

De l'Art! A conversation based on art - Online - back soon! 

Every week - Mondays - 3:30PM $15 - Intermediate level. 

Interested in Art but all your wine and paint activities have been cancelled due to the pandemic?

We've got you covered! This class is designed as an immersion for intermediate levels. Although a few structures and useful words will be provided during each session, the focus is conversation. In this class, we will describe and analyze Impressionist art and learn about a different artist each week. Come just this once to quench your Matisse thirst or come every week to acquire structures through repetition, the choice is yours.

With Paulina  - will be back soon!

Grammar Boot Camp - Online 

Every month - 1 theme, 2 sessions! $50 for both classes
Levels offered: Intermediate and Advanced

Rejoignez-nous pour une plongée en douceur, et en deux parties, dans les eaux profondes de la grammaire, conjugaison et syntaxe française ! 

En long et en large... 

Une session composée de deux classes, pour explorer, revisiter et approfondir vos connaissances.  Nous mélangerons théorie et pratique. Des devoirs entre les sessions vous aideront à renforcer vos nouvelles connaissances. L’opportunité vous sera donnée d’aller plus loin à la fin des deux parties.
Avec Rachel McCarty

Ciné & Canapé  - Online

Every week - Fridays- 5PM - Donation-based event

  • Each week, we have chosen a film for you to view at home; our selections are available via various streaming services.
  • Every participant watches the film before the discussion at a time that fits their own schedule.
  • On Friday at 5PM, participants join a meeting on Zoom and discuss the film.

It's a donation-based event (suggested donation: $10).

With Sonia Robin

Mindfulness Practice - Online

Once a month - Monday - 12PM - $12 for non members, $9 for members

We invite you to a gentle practice of yoga and mindfulness.
With countless hours spent on our screens, it is important to take care of ourselves,  stretch and start the week on the right path!
The class is lead in Franglais! (In French and in English)

French Tables (will resume in person when possible)

Join us for lunch at XIX, one of our favorite spots in town ! We will speak in French so that everyone can practice in a relaxed atmosphere. It will also be the occasion to enjoy the delicious food from the XIX.

Dates TBD Dates TBD