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Scholarships 2022

Alliance Française de Philadelphie awards three scholarships for  francophone students and young professionals 

Philadelphia, Pa., April 15, 2022

The Alliance Française de Philadelphie’s Scholarship committee awarded three brilliant candidates to their 2022 scholarship program. The Alliance Française de Philadelphie  scholarship committee has  considered need, merit and career plans while selecting the winner. 

The Pierre C. Fraley scholarship’s beneficiary is Mayra Santana, who heard about the Fraley scholarship from French professor Kristin L. Burr at Saint Joseph’s University. Mayra knew the benefits of immersion and had been wanting to apply to the program at University of Laval for a while, but COVID was limiting. Mayra’s major is International Relations, and with hopes of working at the UN, she realized French would be the best additional language to master. It would also give her access to different Francophone countries and regions where she’d like to do Peace Corp work after graduation.

”I started learning her third language, French, as a freshman at college. My mom always encouraged my siblings and I to be trilingual. I think this is going to be a great benefit for my French language skills and I am very grateful”. 

Jona Lieberman and Caroline Mabrey are the two  Marie Louise Vermeiren Jackson Scholarship recipients.  They will both do the Teacher Assistant Program in France, TAPIF.

Jona is currently a long-term substitute teacher for the year at Great Valley High School in Malvern. She  teaches French 2 and 3. She believes wholeheartedly that learning a language takes time, patience, and work.

Jona  started to learn French at her public school at the  age 10, and concluded an AP program. 

“This scholarship is going to be so incredibly helpful. “Thank you so much to the donors and for this scholarship. If I can accomplish a fraction of what Mrs. Vermeiren Jackson has accomplished as a teacher, I’d be so happy. I hope I make her proud.” 
Caroline is  a recent graduate of Rutgers University, having received a bachelor’s degree with a double major in French and Cinema Studies and a minor in Animal Science. She heard about the Marie-Louise Vermeiren Jackson Scholarship from Professors Maurer and Tamas at Rutgers.