The purpose of the Pierre C. Fraley Scholarship is to give students the opportunity to increase their language proficiency in French and to enrich their understanding of French culture and contemporary society. In order to accomplish this goal students may do any of the following:
  • Enroll in an accredited academic summer program.

  • Submit a proposal for an independent project to be completed in France.

  • Submit a letter of acceptance for an internship program.

The Alliance Française scholarship committee will weigh need, merit and the applicant’s career plans when awarding the scholarship in the amount of$3500. Preference will be given to residents of the tri-state area (PA-NJ-DE) or to out-of area students who are matriculated at a university in the tri-state area.

After finishing the project the recipient must summit to the scholarship committee,within30 days,proof of completion and an evaluation of the project by a superior.

In addition, the recipient is required to write a 500 word report describing the experience in France.

Application Process

Scholarship Application & Instructions

Application Requirements:


The applicant must submit via e-mail, unless otherwise noted:

The application form and cover letter, format .doc, .docx or .pdf

The applicant must submit a written essay, in French, 500 word maximum, describing their reason for applying, their career plans and how they intend to benefit from the program of study. Format: .doc, .docx, or .pdf

The applicant must submit a 2-minute .wav or .mp3 file of their spoken Frenchwith a sample of extemporaneous speech and a reading of a brief prose passage.

• University studentsmust submit a current official transcriptof grades (by US mail from the Registrar's office)

2 letters of recommendation. At least one of these must be from the applicant's current teacher of French. If applicable: can be submitted by mail on university letterhead, or by e-mail. If e-mailed format .doc, .docx or .pdf,must be sent from professor's university e-mail address.

The applicant must submit a copy of their applicationto a program of studies described above. If applying to a program of studies, the applicant must submit a copy of their application to that program. Receipt of the award is contingent upon acceptance to such a program. Format .pdf

The deadlinefor applications to be received by the AF is March 15 and candidateswill be contacted by March 30.

The Alliance Française de Philadelphie wishes to thank the family and friends of former president, the late Pierre C. Fraley, for their generosity in establishing a scholarship program that will, in Mr. Fraley’s name, encourage, enable and promote the study of the French language and culture among deserving young people.

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