Upcoming events

    • Thursday, September 18, 2014
    • 12:30 PM
    • 184 E, Evergreen Ave., Chestnut Hill

    Reservations at $30 per member ($33 if you would like a glass of wine) or $35 for non-members ($38 with wine) by September 15.

    • Saturday, September 20, 2014
    • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • 1420 Walnut St, suite 700, Philadelphia 19102
    • 10
    10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Lunch included). Immersion Courses represent six hours of intensive work with one subject area and are geared toward conversation with reviews of grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.
    Four levels of classes are offered on the same day: beginner, basic, intermediate and advanced.
    If you have never had French before your level is beginner.
    If you are enrolled in a class at the Alliance Française, you can find your level easily:
    101 = beginner
    102-106 = basic
    201-206 = intermediate
    301+ = advanced
    If you have never taken an immersion or regular class with us, and you are not a beginner, you will need to take a placement test to find your level. The placement test can be taken online (you can find the link on the courses page of our website) or you can call our office (215-735-5283) or stop by our office in person and take the placement test that way.

    The cost is $150. Call now to reserve a space at 215 735-5283.

    Fall Immersion Courses are on September 20, October 25 and November 15. These classes are very popular. Register early !
    • Wednesday, September 24, 2014
    • 12:00 PM
    • 251 S. 18th St., Philadelphia

    Reservations at $40 per member or $45 per non-members by September 19.

    If you would like a glass of wine with your lunch, you may purchase it at that time.

    • Friday, September 26, 2014
    • 6:30 PM
    • Alliance Française
    • 5

    Les saveurs du palais is a 2012 french comedy-drama film based on the true story of Daniele Mazet-Delpeuch and how she was appointed as the private chef for Francois Mitterrand.

    Hortense Laborie, a renowned chef from Perigord, is astonished when the President of the Republic appoints her his personal cook, responsible for creating all his meals at the Elysee Palace. Despite jealous resentment from the other kitchen staff, Hortense quickly establishes herself, thanks to her indomitable spirit. The authenticity of her cooking soon seduces the President, but the corridors of power are littered with traps... 

    Michele Haines (Spring Mill Cafe) will talk about the movie and will cook for you some of Ms. Mazet-Delpeuch favorite dishes. 

    Menu including wine, tax and gratuities;

    Pate de foie aux fines feuilles de chocolat

    Saumon en croute


    Tarte Saint-Honore

    $60 for AF members; $70 for non-members must be received at the Alliance before September 19. Maximum number of guests is 20.

    • Friday, October 10, 2014
    • 6:00 PM
    • Alliance Francaise

    Join us at our annual party to celebrate the beginning of another year. Catch up with old friends, meet new friends, greet our new instructors and welcome new students and members. There will be wine and cheese and other goodies to snack on. Please let us now if you will be among us for this evening. You can reserve using this event listing or call the Alliance Francaise (215-735-5283). and let us know that you will be coming.

    • Saturday, October 18, 2014
    • 11:00 AM
    • 8705 Germantown Ave., Chestnut Hill

    Reservations at $35 per member or $40 for non-members by October 15.

    • Monday, October 27, 2014
    • 12:00 PM
    • 1722 Sansom St., Philadelphia

    Reservations at $30 per member ($33 if you would like a glass of wine) or $35 for non-members ($38 with a glass of wine) by October 25.

    • Sunday, November 02, 2014
    • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Alliance Francaise
    • 8

    Liliane Nino is a specialist on flower arrangements. She did the flowers for Le Bec Fin and for special occasions.

    1st class, November 2: Becoming familiar with the different materials used to create flower arrangements. All you need to know on the basic principles of exciting color         combinations, textures, scale, proportion and balance.


    2nd class, November 9: Practice to create a fresh flower composition for Thanksgiving and a composition with fruits and flowers.

    3rd class, November 16: Centerpiece design for Christmas with flowers, candles, seasonal reds and textured foliage.

    Materials will be supplied by the Alliance Francaise; maximum of 10 students. $200 for AF members or students; $250 for non-members.

    • Thursday, November 20, 2014
    • 12:30 PM
    • 7838 Germantown Ave., Chestnut Hill

    Reservations at $30 per member ($33 if you would like a glass of wine) or $35 for non-members ($38 with a glass of wine) by November 18
    • Monday, November 24, 2014
    • 12:00 PM
    • 252 S. 16th Street

    Reservations at $30 per member ($33 if you would like a glass of wine) and $35 for non-member ($38 with a glass of wine)by November 20
    • Monday, December 01, 2014
    • 6:00 PM
    • Alliance Francaise
    • 8

    Taste French Wine like a Pro !

    In this course, we'll demystify the often confusing world of French wine to help you choose and enjoy French wines with ease. Whether you're new to wine tasting or already a confirmed taster, you'll learn an effective approach that will enhance your appreciation of wine in general.

    With guidance from a Franco-American sommelier, you'll awaken your senses and develop your memory of aromas and tastes as you learn an objective method of identifying the quality and aging potential of the French wines you taste. The course also covers the basics of how wine is produced, the French appellation (AOC) system, and the different French wine regions. Our sommelier will keep the atmosphere convivial, never snobby. 

    The course meets once a week for two hours for three weeks. You'll taste five fine French wines during each session, served along with a selection of bread, charcuterie and French cheese. 

    You'll learn how to:

    • identify the quality and aging potential of French wines
    • read and understand a French wine label
    • match wine with different types of food
    • conserve wines effectively
    • choose and purchase wines at a restaurant or wine shop with confidence
    • serve French wine so you and your guests get the most enjoyment 
    and much more!

    Maximum 10 students; $300 for AF members and students; $350 for non-members.

Alliance Française de Philadelphie
1420 Walnut Street, Suite 700
Philadelphia, PA 19102

(215) 735-5283

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